Monday, November 3, 2014

McDonald's: New 2014 Coke Glasses

McDonald's sent a cool gift over to my house. Leaving Diablo III (seen in background) to see what package awaited me.

The huge heavy box yielded a nice new collection of the nice McDonald's Coke glasses we have come to enjoy over the years. The six glasses, all in grey, have the patterns diamond, linear, mosaic, pixel, ripple, and steel. Funny, that the set is actually six glasses and I was given five. Awesome headstart to completing the collection! Maybe a secret compartment will open when I insert the sixth glass... containing a huge jar of hot fudge? Wishful thinking.

I will still complete the collection though! I'll probably try out their new Bacon Cheeseburger while I'm at it. It does sound good! Thanks, McDonald's!

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