Monday, March 3, 2014

Hot-Star Large Fried Chicken: A Taste of Taiwan

With BonChon and friends making more than enough of a mark in the area, everybody and their uncle is now familiar with what fried chicken is like in Korea. Taiwanese-type fried chicken is now picking up with this new addition. I just hope it wasn't so out of the way.

hot-star large fried chicken

Taiwanese chicken is usually breaded chicken fillet seasoned with powdered flavoring. Let's see what Hot-Star Large Fried Chicken has to offer aside from the strange name. "Large Fried Chicken" isn't exactly the most creative choice. Haha.

hot-star large fried chicken
Original Large Fried Chicken, P110.00,
+P35.00 for rice and drink
It wasn't as flavorful as I had hoped, and the world's palest gravy didn't help at all, but the texture was quite good. I looove chicken skin more than I should, so I really appreciated eating this. I think a spicy version would really hit the spot. Unfortunately, there wasn't anything spicy on the menu, chicken-wise. It made me kinda miss Saint's Alp's Taiwanese chicken, which wasn't as big or cheap, but its flavor was really good.

hot-star large fried chicken
BBQ Large Fried Chicken, P125.00
+P35.00 for rice and drink
What I had was the barbecue version, which was slightly more flavorful than the original one. It was still bereft of any spiciness so it left me craving for more of a kick. Still quite good, and worth it, though. With it, I had the blue lemonade. It was very blue and not very lemonadey. Not compared to my favourite from Auntie Anne's, at least.

hot-star large fried chicken

It was not as in-your-face flavorful as I hoped, but I did appreciate the sheer size of the thing. It's bigger than my big face! Haha.

hot-star large fried chicken
It's a colorful, fun, tiny self-service place.
Before setting out on the sweltering hot day in which the seatbelt of my car would now be at a sufficient temperature to burn skin, we tried their seemingly interesting Black Gulaman soft-serve ice cream. Honestly, my main reason for getting it was because it looked so black. I've never tried goth ice cream before!

hot-star large fried chicken
Black Gulaman Soft Serve Cone, P15.00
But it wasn't black, no, it wasn't black at all. Boo. Well, at least the grayish brown ice cream tasted exactly like black gulaman, indeed.

Hot-Star Menu

Original Large Fried Chicken: Good
BBQ Large Fried Chicken: Slightly better than Good

I do actually like Taiwanese Fried Chicken, perhaps more than the Korean ones, but I need it spicy! I tried something called Chicken Zilla in Banchetto and it was really good!

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Blue Bay Walk, Macapagal Avenue cor. EDSA, Pasay City
Operating Hours: 10:00 am - 10:00 pm
Facebook: Hot Star Philippines

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  1. Hi Joaquin! Thank you for the review! We're glad that you enjoyed our large fried chicken! If you're looking to increase the flavorful of the chicken, you can ask our staff to add more salt and pepper. That will intensify the taste. Also, if you like spicy, we offer a spicy version of our chicken. Just inform our staff and they'll add an extra kick of spicy powder on it. We hope you return for another visit and try our almond gulaman ice cream and a spicy-ed up large fried chicken! ;) -Hot Star Team

  2. My go-to place for good spicy chicken is Chicken & Beer. Have you tried their Paris Chicken? :)

    1. Hi Patrick! Sorry for the late reply, been busy... I don't think I have tried that exact one, but their other flavors are not bad. :) Thanks for reading!