Monday, March 3, 2014

Crazy Katsu: Who Doesn't Love Katsudon?

Man, I miss good Katsudon. This post I'm writing is about a visit from a few months back, so it's been a while. In the faraway land of Marikina, there's a great, affordable Katsu place called Crazy Katsu. I didn't find the place to be particularly insane, but they did have good food.

crazy katsu
Katsudon, P150.00
From Komoro Soba to Yabu, I have always loved the Katsudon dish, because I like the egg melded with the good texture of the meat and breading, and the savory donburi sauce that brings it all together. Crazy Katsu's, I would say, is one of the good ones. Not crazy good, but good. Totally worth it for the price.

crazy katsu
Chicken Katsu, P145.00
Now, this is an innovative piece of Katsu. Maybe this place is just a little crazy. Haha. While not tasting anything like the usual stuff, this cabbage bed-laying Katsu was pretty good on a sweet vinegary sauce. The labuyo on it also gave it a proper kick. Didn't like this as much as the classic one, but it was still quite good.

crazy katsu
Fun-looking food.
My second visit to this place is long overdue.

crazy katsu


Katsu: Very Good!
Chicken Katsu: Good

Drop by when you see a branch and try it for yourself!

Love Crazy Katsu? Hate it? Let me know by commenting below, or just tweet me!

48 Lilac St. Hacienda Heights, Concepcion II, Marikina City
(02) 570-3128
Operating Hours:
Mon - Thu, Sun 11:00 am - 10:00 pm
Fri & Sat 11:00 am - 11:00 pm
Facebook: Crazy Katsu

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