Sunday, December 15, 2013

Dippin' Dots: The Ice Cream of Future Past

I've really liked Dippin' Dots since I was a little kid and we occasionally had it in Glorietta 3. Self-proclaimed as the ice cream of the future, I thought this was what all ice cream would be like in the year 2015. I couldn't have been more wrong. Haha. Just the same, when we saw a voucher from Ayala Deals, I figured I'd take advantage before Dippin' Dots becomes an ice cream of the past.

dippin' dots
Strawberry and Cookies (Large), P165.00 (P99.00 through voucher)
Out of so many flavors, why did I pick this pale, boring one? Well, cause we had no choice! Voucher users only get this flavor, and this was conveniently left out of the voucher. Chalk it up to voucher woes. PRO-TIP: If you own a restaurant and decide to have a voucher deal, try not to screw your customers over for using it. You may save a few bucks, but you ruin your own reputation. This happens a lot, and what sucks is it isn't worth the trouble of dispute.

So, yes, about the ice cream. It's the good ol' dippin' dots alright. I really like the unique and futuristic texture, but I'm not quite sure if that's my 12-year old self speaking. It could all be nostalgia. Haha. What my 12-year old self and I do know though, is this tiny tub of ice cream is overpriced. It's barely worth 99 pesos, and is definitely not worth P165. Well, I guess the futuristic process costs much, and that's a pity. Even expensive gelato is cheaper.

Just the same, I was happy to have tried Dippin' Dots one more time before they (probably) go.

dippin' dots
Where'd all the dippin' dots go? :(
They have a new spot in the strange new Glorietta area, but they are also still in their old place in front of Kenny Rogers. Drop by if you're ever curious to try the ice cream of the future and if you don't mind to spend a bit more than you should for it. :)

dippin' dots
The new Dippin' Dots spot.
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2/F, Glorietta 3
Ayala Avenue cor. Pasay Road, Makati City
Facebook: Dippin' Dots

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  1. I really missed reading your blog! Haha. Anywhooo, I do agree that Dippin Dots is kinda overpriced but I'd still buy them occasionally. :)