Sunday, November 3, 2013

Movie Review: Thor: The Dark World

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Since we were in Hong Kong when this was released, we caught up and watched it the very next day. I guess it would have been cool to watch it there, but I think having Chinese subtitles would make it feel very um... pirated. Haha.

Just like Iron Man 3, this is set after the events of Avengers. It is really impressive how Marvel sticks to this timeline and I wish it expands even more, to include Spider-Man, the X-Men, and everyone else. For heaven's sakes, no more reboots, please (except if it is to bring back Tobey Maguire).

Natalie Portman is looking as good as ever (or even more so), and Tom Hiddleston's Loki is more fun than he's ever been, now truly becoming the god of mischief. Thor, while also equally awesome, seemed almost boring next to him.

It's like Coruscant all over again. *cries*
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The plot of the movie is alright, but I wished for more. Visually, it was very good. It looked like a very high-budget movie similar to Avengers, even. This movie can be enjoyed by anyone following this Marvel series of movies.

Other Notable Cast:
Anthony Hopkins as Odin - Nothing less than a great actor for the protector of the nine realms.
Stellan Skarsgard as Dr. Erik Selvig - He was also Bootstrap Bill, Will Turner's father from Pirates of the Caribbean.
Idris Elba sa Heimdall - It always helps to have an apocalypse-cancelling guardian for Asgard.
Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje as Algrim - I did not recognize Mr Eko from Lost!
Ray Stevenson as Volstagg - This large-looking Gimli was Isaak Sirko from Dexter
Zachary Levi as Fandral: I was surprised by this one. He looked nothing like Chuck! He replaced Joshua Dallas who was busy with Once Upon a Time
Chris O'Dowd - I.T. Crowd fans will find this interesting.
Stan Lee - Of course.

Verdict: 3.5/5 - The usual factory-manufactured solid movie from Marvel and a good set-up for the next stories. ANOTHER!

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Here's the trailer!


  1. Good review Joaquin. The type of fun, loud, action blockbuster we'd expect to see in the summer, but works fine as a last bit of joy and pleasure before we get all of these mega-serious, Oscar-bait projects in the next few months.