Sunday, November 3, 2013

Hong Kong 2013: McDonald's

Halfway out the airport, we met up with Alvie's mom and aunt and decided to have a quick bite before the long and arduous 3.5 hour journey from the airport to the hotel to Disneyland.

hong kong
Conveniently located at the very cool HKG airport.
I've visited a few countries and I've made it a point to try out each local version of McDonald's. They all have the same fries and mostly have the same food in Indonesia, Hong Kong and Philippines. Uruguay's McDonald's is mostly the same but they use Angus beef for their burgers and each meal costs about 500 pesos each. Ouch!

I have a habit of ordering the weirdest, most different thing on every menu, so this day, I tried their new product, the Tonkatsu Burger. Note that the prices here are slightly higher than other branches since it is in the airport. That's probably why the lady behind the counter tried to stop me from taking pictures? lol

mcdonald's hong kong
Tonkatsu with Egg Burger (a la carte), $19.50 or P108.85 and Milk Tea, $15.5 or P86.52
The milk tea fortunately came with syrup it badly needed, and even once all was mixed in, it was just a subtle sweetness. It was alright.

Riddle me this: What is Tonkatsu without Tonkatsu sauce? A pretty tasteless porkchop!

mcdonald's hong kong

I enjoyed the texture of the pork and it wasn't fatty, however I found that my thick sandwich had a noticeable lack of taste. The small amount of mayonnaise on the cabbage wasn't nearly enough to make this a tasty meal. Still filling and interesting, at least.

mcdonald's hong kong
McWings (a la carte), $20.00 or P111.64
These were good, but I prefer if they were filleted instead. Wing bones are always annoying. Haha. The chicken was deliciously spicy, but for the price tag, I think I prefer my big Tonkatsu burger instead.

hong kong
McShaker Fries
Fries were well.. McDonald's fries. I don't think they are different in any corner of the world. Haha.

Tonkatsu Burgers

Milk Tea: Okay
Tonkatsu with Egg Burger: Okay
McWings: Okay

Enough energy for the rest of the trip! For now, at least...
That was a fun, not overly delicious first meal at Hong Kong! Soon after, we trekked on to the S1 bus to Tung Chung and MTR'd our way on.

Love McDonald's in Hong Kong? Hate it? Let me know by commenting below, or just tweet me!

Arrivals Meeters & Greeters Hall, Level 5, Terminal 1
(852) 2261-0426
Operating Hours: 00:00 - 24:00