Monday, October 28, 2013

Movie Review: Escape Plan

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The first real team-up of Stallone and Schwarzenegger! God knows we've waited long enough!

Alvie and I were killing time at MOA one weekend and with nothing to do between a nostalgic lunch at El Pollo Loco and Rafa's graduation party at night, we figured we'd watch the best of the movies available. Luckily or unluckily, that movie happened to be Escape Plan. The team-up was cool and all, but the fact that I never heard or saw anything about this film prior to today concerns me.

Stallone plays a professional prison escape artist, hired to check the security of the facilities. In one particularly daunting job, he finds help from his cellmate who happens to be Schwarzenegger.

Image from here.
It was an okay action film but unfortunately not more than that. I wish I could say it was at least non-stop action, but I fell asleep through a part of it. Despite some of them being well-known, the supporting cast was quite forgettable. Not a total waste of cash and money, but I really wish there was a better movie that week.

Other Notable Cast:
Jim Caviezel as Willard Hobbs - I was surprised to find out he's Jesus from Passion of the Christ.
Amy Ryan as Abigail Ross - Holly Flax from The Office!
Curtis "50 Cent" Jackson as Hush - 50 Cent is in da club.
Vinnie Jones as Drake - He's the Juggernaut, B*tch!
Sam Neill as Dr. Kyrie - *cue Jurassic Park theme*

Verdict: 2.5/5 - A potentially awesome team-up that is sadly too little, too late. An interesting watch for hardcore fans of the two legends.

Here's the trailer!


  1. Good review. Such a fun, dumb and cheesy movie that you pretty much just have to accept it for all that it is.

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