Monday, September 16, 2013

TV Review: Modern Family Season 4

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Over the past years, there haven't been a lot of good comedy series. My Name is Earl was cancelled, Steve Carrell left The Office, and How I Met Your Mother has lost its thunder. I was very amused with the show, Modern Family, from the beginning. It's a mockumentary like The Office is, only focusing more on personal issues and family.

The charm is in the characters. Each of the main characters in the story is interesting in their own right. It's always amusing to watch them deal with many different situations, with others, and with each other. Characters Phil, Luke, Lily and Alex are my favourites. What's awesome about the show is that aside from all the comedy, it surprises you with some real life lessons every once in a while, and they always make perfect sense.

Now into it's fourth season, it's surprisingly still going strong. Sometimes, there are episodes less interesting than others, but it is mostly a fun ride.

Verdict: 3.5/5 - A series for light, happy watching.

The series is already raking in an impressive number of episodes thus far, and they have been confirmed for a fifth season. I can't wait! I hope it stays at least as good.

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