Monday, September 30, 2013

The Killers: Battle Born Tour

The Killers have generously been giving a soundtrack to my life since college days, when I first saw Somebody Told Me on Channel V and immediately enjoyed the cool, catchy track. I then gave the album a listen and holy hell, Mr. Brightside was good! I played the hell out of the song before the cool Eric Roberts video even came out. I became a fan. The first album, Hot Fuss, was totally riddled with amazing catchy songs like All These Things That I've Done. Since then, I've been enjoying each new album they've added over the years, a total of five amazing records now.

I almost watched them live back in 2010 (or we all did) when they had a concert scheduled here. I even had my ticket and all but that turned out to be no assurance. The group called a hiatus, Brandon Flowers went off and made a solo album, and we were all left very Killerless. Making a trip to Araneta Coliseum for a ticket refund is a sad, sad experience. Thank God for the Battle Born Tour! We can now finally get what we have long deserved. Getting to see The Killers live!

Higher and higher, we're gonna take it down to the wire.
The concert's start time was 8 pm, though we arrived late after a delicious dinner at Taco Bell (Where else would you eat when in Gateway??) and I was surprised to see Sandwich playing. I didn't even know there was a front act! The songs I heard them play were all unknown to me (sounded very punk), though admittedly, I am not familiar with anything but their most popular songs. It didn't take them too long to stop but afterwards, it was quite a long wait before The Killers took to the stage. It all happened in a blur as they kicked things off with Mr. Brightside before the lights were turned off. "Bright"side, I guess? Haha. The coliseum eventually went dark and started looking like a real concert, as they played song after amazing song. Sitting all the way up in Upper B, we missed the usual projected videos in big concerts. For some reason, no screens were turned on here. We had to put up with watching minuscule killers and just focusing on enjoying the music. The sound quality also wasn't great up in the upper box, but it was enough to enjoy.

Zipping white light beams.

1.) Mr. Brightside - Woohoo! As expected, everyone was singing along.
2.) Spaceman
3.) The Way It Was
4.) Smile Like You Mean It
5.) Human (Piano version snippet)
6.) Bling (Confessions of a King)
7.) Shadowplay
8.) Miss Atomic Bomb - I was so happy they played this, because it wasn't in their main tour setlist, I think. I love this song. Would have been cool if they played it before Mr. Brightside
9.) Human
10.) Somebody Told Me
11.) Tiffany - I Think We're Alone Now (Cover) - Don't know this song at all. OP. Haha.
12.) For Reasons Unknown - Easily one of the best Killers songs ever.
13.) From Here On Out
14.) Dustland Fairytale
15.) Read My Mind
16.) Runaways
17.) All These Things That I've Done
18.) Change Your Mind
19.) Jenny Was A Friend Of Mine
20.) When You Were Young

What a brilliant setlist. It was truly a memorable, I daresay emotional night. One more band off my list! I lost my voice singing all throughout the show and from start to finish, we smiled like we meant it.

Mr. Brightside

Human with Piano


Miss Atomic Bomb


Somebody Told Me

For Reasons Unknown

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