Monday, September 16, 2013

GoNuts Donuts' Cookie Butter Donut and Mary Grace's Cheesebread

gonuts donuts
A beautiful sight when you're bored in the hospital room.
About a month ago, we were stuck in my former 'home-away-from-home', Makati Medical Center, because my dad got confined for a couple of days. Glad it was nothing serious! Family and friends were visiting, and what do I blog about then? The food they brought! Haha. I hope they don't mind!

gonuts donuts
Cookie Butter Donut
I know that Cookie Butter is soo three months ago. These days are all about the Cronut, but still, I thought I'd blog about this anyway. It was pretty much what I expected from the cookie butter taste to the consistency. It was okay. So far, the best cookie butter execution I've tried is the pancakes from Pancake House.

gonuts donuts
Pastillas de Leche Donut
A couple of years ago, GoNuts Donuts started making waves and I believe it's best and most popular creation at the time was this Pastillas de Leche donut. While I don't remember that it was quite this glazey and that there was a flower on top, it's still similar to what I remember. I believe there was more filling before though. I'm not nearly as much of a sweet-tooth as I was before, but I still enjoyed this donut.

mary grace
For the longest time, I only knew about the ensaymada (which I love, by the way) from Mary Grace and not the cheesebread at all! I immediately appreciated it once I got to try it, and it has been consistently good ever since. Light and cheesy, it makes quite the addictive snack. One way I think it could be better is instead of a stick of cheese, it was stuffed with the grated Quezo de Bola topping from the ensaymada! Please hear me out, Mrs. Mary Grace!

Cookie Butter Donut: Okay
Pastillas de Leche Donut: Good
Cheesebread: Very Good

Thanks again for the food you brought, Tita Milagring and Auntie Marivic! :)

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