Tuesday, August 27, 2013

The Zinger Strikes Back! and Some Other Good Stuff from KFC

What does the Zinger look like these days?
McDonald's recently surprised us with its own spicy chicken fillet sandwich, the McSpicy. It's been making waves and I actually really like it! I've had it five times since it came out, but I really shouldn't forget about the original spicy sandwich. KFC is making sure of that.

80 pesos? That sounds familiar...
That's quite a price drop for everyone's favourite Zinger! I can't help but wonder if it's still the same sandwich we know and love. Only one way to find out, right?

Zinger (a la carte), P80.00
Okay, as expected, it has become noticeably smaller. That's fine, I guess. The taste was still good. It was flavorful and mildly spicy. The fillet had a delicious crunch to it, though some pieces had really thin chicken meat. Does it knock the McSpicy out of the park? Let's get it on!!!

Zinger (defending champion) vs. McSpicy (the challenger)

- Chicken Fillet: McSpicy maintains a consistently thick juicy fillet, while the Zinger's was quite thin. Winner: McSpicy
- Breading: KFC reigns supreme in the fried chicken flavor department. No surprise there! Winner: Zinger
- Spice: I was impressed with the spice of the first McSpicies I had, but the last two I ate had zero spice, shaming the name McSpicy. The Zinger's spice is tame, but reliable. Winner: Zinger
- Bread, Mayo, Lettuce: The bread of each sandwich is visually different but not very distinct for me. They both have too much mayonnaise. Lettuce is where things vary. The Zinger has a few shreds of lettuce on it, while the McSpicy is loaded with bigger, more numerous cuts of lettuce. Well, healthier is better, right? I also enjoy the added crunch. Winner: McSpicy

Decision: It depends on what you value more.
- Alvie puts more importance on the taste, so the Zinger wins for her.
- I choose based on the quality of the fillet, and McSpicy's is very impressive. I choose McSpicy while giving it the benefit of the doubt, by assuming that the next one I eat will not be as devoid of spice as the last ones.
It's a tie!

California Maki Twister (a la carte), P85.00
I was impressed by how KFC marketed the twisters. At one point, they announced there would be eight different flavors in total, and that each flavor would be released one by one. Did that ever get done? Haha. I think this California Maki Twister was like the second one released, but Alvie and I never really moved on. I haven't even tried the interesting Pizza Twister yet. This California-Japanese inspired wrap is sweet, has mayonnaise, mangoes, and yummy fried chicken. If this wasn't this good, I would have mustered enough curiosity to try the other wraps, but alas, it IS that good.

Snack Box (with large soda not in picture), P90.00
A quick fried snack, anyone? A bunch of Hot Shots is always welcome, and KFC has great fries. Medyo bitin lang, but it ain't too bad at all.

Zinger: Very Good
California Maki Twister: Great!
Snack Box: Good

KFC really sets itself apart from other fast food in its variety of great affordable choices. I almost get a headache trying to figure out what I'd like to have when I eat here. Zinger? Awesome Original Recipe Chicken? Twister? Pasta Bowl? Kung Pao Bowl? KFC remains to be my favourite fast food joint. I also love Taco Bell, which only seems to be available at the farthest ends of Metro Manila, and Popeye's, which is gone forever *sniff*.

The Competition:
McDonald's McSpicy: The Next Big Zing

Zinger or McSpicy? Let me know by commenting below, or just tweet me!

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  1. Please do a review of Umami haambagu house ;). Makapagdemand hahaha ;). Ive tried some of the restos from your reviews and most of your verdicts are similar with mine. Ive been using your blog as a guide haha. Hello to Alvie. Lol. Thanks!

    1. Hi Mae! Thanks for reading! I really appreciate it. :) Glad we have the same taste in food, too! Haha. Galing ng timing mo, we actually have tried Umami, but I have yet to write it. :( Watch out for it! :D