Thursday, August 1, 2013

Ms. Polly's: Happy Birthday, Ma!

We at Savvy about Nothing were recently invited to try and we are delighted to contribute our opinions and spread the word about this very promising new delivery service.

ms. polly's
Is that a heart on my cake?
Last week was my mom's birthday and though we had a nice dinner at good ol' Saisaki, no one got her a cake! The restaurant did kindly give her a little cupcake but that doesn't seem to cut it, now does it? I figured we could make up for that fact with a few clicks. :)

Convenient Cakes!
It was a very easy experience and going through everything was very simple. I particularly liked the product order screen where you can not only select your items, but also customize them further by choosing from additional options or adding notes. A mere five minutes after submitting the order, a nice lady called up to confirm. That was fast!

I noticed that you can add a recipient name for each item. Its purpose was not very clear to me but if they were planning to do something with this, that'd be cool.

It's great that even though we called the day before (the cake we ordered required 24 hours notice), naught was forgotten and the delivery arrived 30 minutes ahead of time. We really liked the quality of the package and the items. It was just like heading there yourself and getting it for take-out. Quality stuff!

ms. polly's
Chocolate Cake with Marshmallow Icing, P407.00 (10% delivery charge not included)
Additional Small Candle, P3.30 (10% delivery charge not included)
I find it very convenient that you can grab a great-looking birthday cake this way in case you need one at short notice. No more racing to Goldilocks!

Happy Birthday, Ma! Thanks for putting up with your thoughtful son's week-late birthday present! Haha.

ms. polly's

The cake was good. You might already be familiar with this by the name "Shell Cake" because it's the same one sold at Shell Magallanes. For some reason, gas station cakes are consistently good. Something in the air, perhaps? Haha. This cake is reasonably moist (could be a bit moister, though) and has a delicious flavor. This isn't the usual variant because it has marshmallow icing instead of regular chocolate. I prefer the fudgy chocolate icing, but this one is fluffy and subtly sweet, if you are into that. It looks so much more birthday-ish too, so it was perfect for the occasion. My mom really liked it!

ms. polly's
Sansrival, P495.00 (10% delivery charge not included)
There was a second cake because I also had cause of celebration of my own. I recently got a new role at work, one that I'm really looking forward to and is a big step in my career. :) I'm not really a fan of sansrival, but my parents are, so I gave it a shot.

I am very glad we did. This humble-looking sansrival is literally without rival. It was very creamy and inside, it didn't just taste like layers and layers and layers of chewy wafers. It was pretty much half cashew nuts and half torte inside, which I realize is the perfect ratio. I guess I do like sansrival, but only this one.

Foodie Menu

Chocolate Cake with Marshmallow Icing: Good
Additional Small Candle: Thoughtful
Sansrival: Great!

A fun family day! I see great potential in the service of and it's awesome that the minimum delivery charge is just P300. Not to mention the fact that they have partnered with many good restaurants to get all that deliciousness right to your door. Good food delivery is not limited to 8-6236 and 9-111111 anymore. You don't have to call anyone at all. They call you! only to confirm your orders. Stay tuned for our next foodieventure!

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DISCLAIMER: This was an invitation, but all opinions and descriptions in this post are my own. ;)


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