Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Linkin Park Living Things World Tour

Ever since I saw Linkin Park's music video for One Step Closer on one of the lesser-known Channel V shows in high school, I've been a fan. Techno-ish Rock and Rap, together, and it sounds awesome? I then immediately bought the CD and found that every song on the entire record blew me away. From Mike's raps to Chester's screams, it completely engaged me. My expectations for the next albums were through the roof, then came the fun but disappointing remix album, Reanimation, and then Meteora, which I didn't like at the time. It was good, but it was difficult to enjoy after the perfect first album. The more mellow Minutes to Midnight came out and I kept an open mind about it. I actually enjoyed it, too. I became a full fan again, fully taking in every song from all three albums. The fourth album, A Thousand Suns, caught me off guard. It was really good. It was heavy, and catchy, and it seemed they were going back to their roots a bit more. This became my second favourite album and raised my expectations again. I guess, though, that you never know what to expect from LP because the latest album, Living Things, is my least favourite of all. It just isn't as catchy as any of the other albums, but I'll wait and see if it grows on me over a longer time. The one great thing about that album is: the world tour! They've visited once before and I missed it! I would not miss it again.

Best buds forever! Don't go back to Fort Minor, Mike! Haha.
The concert was awesome!!! Urbandub opened the show quite nicely with a mix of new and old songs. Their audio was sadly quite muffled, but they got the crowd going enough. Then Linkin Park came on with awesome visual effects. I noticed that the crowd was a lot tamer than I expected all throughout the show. There were but a few who were shouting and headbanging as much as I was, but that's alright. There was a great mix of songs from the albums, and they played most of the ones I wanted to hear. Only a few Living Things songs too! Haha. We also a got a better view than expected because there were so many empty seats in the lower box, that they eventually upgraded everyone from upper box! and by upgrade, I mean let everyone scamper off to lower box to grab any free seats we see. Perfect!!!

1.) Soul Searching
2.) Hover
3.) The Fight is Over
4.) Dim the Headlights
5.) Never Will I Forget
6.) First of Summer

Linkin Park
1.) A Place For My Head
2.) Papercut (Video Below!)
3.) Given Up
4.) New Divide (Video Below!)
5.) With You
6.) Somewhere I Belong
7.) Lies Greed Misery
8.) Points of Authority
9.) Waiting For the End
10.) Breaking the Habit (Video Below!)
11.) Castle of Glass
12.) Medley: Leave Out All The Rest/Shadow of the Day/Iridescent - Awesome arrangement of these songs, started out with just keyboards then the whole band gradually came in. (Video Below! Thanks, Danez!)
13.) Lost In The Echo
14.) Numb (Video Below!)
15.) What I've Done
16.) Burn It Down
17.) In The End
18.) Bleed It Out
19.) Faint
20.) Lying From You
21.) One Step Closer

Songs I missed :(
- Crawling
- Pushing Me Away
- Blackout

You know what? SM MOA Arena's upper box seats are hella tight!!!
I really hope they come back. They don't even need a good album to do it! I'd be perfectly happy with a Hybrid Theory/A Thousand Suns setlist. Haha. The band plays great live, and I found out Chester's screams are limitless. I'm so jealous.

Leave Out All The Rest Medley:


  1. hahaha! I missed Crawling din :( but that was a great setlist. more than I expected.

  2. Now I really want to cry. I missed this concert. :(

    1. Yeah, that's too bad. Hoping for more great concerts! and hey, The Killers next month! :D haha