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Game Review: Prototype

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I never knew much about the game Prototype other than the fact that it was inFamous' main competition. Well, we had inFamous and I thought it was crap. When my friend from office, Johann, lent me a copy of this game, I figured "why not?", which how I react to most things, by the way. Haha. Prototype is a superhero sandbox (free-roaming) game. Think Grand Theft Auto with superpowers.

You're Alex Mercer, a powerful mutant with newfound powers amidst a plague that is threatening to destroy all life in New York. The story had potential, but crazy unrelatable linear characters and a badly told tale ruins the experience. Not better than inFamous.

Better than inFamous! Despite the repetitive side-quests and mission dynamics, this game was surprisingly a lot of fun to play. Whether it was playing around like in the video above, or just flat-out kicking ass, the game turned out to be very addictive. Soaring around NYC is fun, and there are many, many options for your overpowered character. You can take out helicopters by throwing soldiers at them. You can impersonate people by consuming them. You can elbow drop tanks. Yes. You can elbow drop tanks. In the end though, that fun was stretched a bit too much by repetition. Well, you can always just take out your frustration on unassuming pedestrians...


Still better than inFamous! Despite the fact that this game is over three years old, it aged well. Everything looked good except for the character facial models, which were hideous. Alex Mercer's face looks like it came straight out of a Tekken 3 cutscene.

The music was good, and voice acting was meh. The background music was a perfect match to laying waste to the big apple and slaying thousands of infected (and non-infected) people.

Verdict: 2.5/5 - As fun as it could have been, the repetitiveness really drains the fun out of it. About past halfway through the game, I just ignored all side-missions and did my best to trudge on and beat the game, only to be disappointed by the ending. I was also happy the game was over, though. Haha.

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Available on:
PlayStation 3
Microsoft Windows
Xbox 360

Here's the trailer!

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