Monday, July 22, 2013

Starbucks: White Chocolate Pudding

I may just be one of the most clueless persons when it comes to knowing about deals and discounts. It's great that Alvie and a bunch of friends in the Fort seem to innately know about every promo around and almost nothing gets past them.

Last Tuesday, we heard about this new drink and the promo that came with its launch. Perfect to grab a taste! If the Starbucks Baristas in my area notice me, it would be as the only there for promos guy. I'm not one to spend a lot on coffee so I'm usually around to avail of their many deals. Haha.

Dark Mocha White Chocolate Pudding Frappuccino (Venti), P210.00
Green Tea White Chocolate Pudding Frappuccino (Venti), P200.00
White chocolate and pudding are two great things so dumping that into my frappe is a very welcome idea.

The Dark Mocha frappe was very rich, and there was a nice contrast between the strong sweet and bitter mocha taste and the silky smooth and mildly sweet white chocolate pudding.

The Green Tea frappe was much more subtle. The green tea was still very apparent but the combination of everything made the drink very refreshing. I like this one more, but I would still take the other one if I need a stronger caffeine kick.

The pudding was actually pretty good! The white chocolate taste was perfectly sweet. Imagine the pudding at Quickly but much smoother and creamier. And expensiver. Thank God there was a promo that day. Haha. On a related note, I never understand why a lot of people would buy just a tall (smallest size) drink at Starbucks for a gazillion bucks and not spend 20 pesos more to get a Venti. Save it for later and share it with a friend to get much more bang for your buck! Haha.

Dark Choco White Chocolate Pudding Frappuccino: Good
Green Tea White Chocolate Pudding Frappuccino: Good

Thanks to Ken for deftly crafting our beverages! Going to Starbucks for a coffee break is always a good experience. The baristas are always very courteous and helpful and they don't kick me out for never buying my drinks full price! :)

Love the new pudding drinks? Hate them? Let me know by commenting below, or just tweet me!

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