Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Seattle's Best: Sea Salt and Salad

This is actually a tale of several visits to Seattle's Best, which just happens to be very near where I work. My cousin, Bobby was in the area so we met up for some coffee. We saw some new drinks and one caught our eye.

seattle's best
Sea Salt Caramel Ice-blended Javakula (large), P180.00
Well, I love anything salted caramel. This was good! Nice to sip on for a long chat hanging out at Seattle's Best. The little starfish was amusing and it brings something else to mind (for me anyway).

My recently-active-on-Twitter cousin also posted about our little coffee break. Check out his feed for some random jokes every now and then. Haha.
We eventually came back for meals several other times due to proximity, and their food is actually not extremely expensive.

seattle's best
Amatriciana, P175.00
Linguine pasta tossed with a tomato-based sauce and sauteed bacon slices, topped with parmesan cheese.
I'm not a fan of tomato-based plain sauce, but this was alright. The bacon slices were quite abundant and helped with the flavor.

seattle's best
Pesto, P170.00
Using fresh basil, this Italian favorite is sprinkled with Parmesan cheese, chopped walnuts and fresh parsley.
While not as oily as I like my pesto, this dish was actually good. The pesto is very tasty and went well with the penne. Definitely the better of the two pasta dishes we tried.

seattle's best
All-vegetable Salad, P170.00
Fresh vegetables topped with slivered almonds, olives, croutons, and parmesan cheese.
Sadly, I recently found out that my sugar is on the border so I am imposing a change in diet for myself. What do I start with? Salad! It's hella tough to shift to 100% greens even for just a meal so I'm glad this salad is actually pretty good. It's even enough to get you stuffed (for a couple of hours, at least). My only gripe is that there aren't any slivered almonds as the menu states. Anyway, this might be my default lunch out option in the office for some healthy and semi-reasonably-priced dining.

Light Meals

Sea Salt Caramel Ice-blended Javakula: Good
Amatriciana: Okay
Pesto: Good
All-vegetable Salad: Good

As far as coffee price, Seattle's Best is pretty up there, making even Starbucks seem cheap, but their food is quite reasonably priced. A great place for a quick and healthy lunch!

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Ground Floor, One Mckinley Place,
26th St. cor. 4th Ave.,
Bonifacio Global City
(02) 552-1284 / (02) 403-3367
Facebook: Seattle's Best Coffee Philippines
Website: http://www.seattlesbest.com.ph/

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