Thursday, July 11, 2013

Sbarro: An All-White Delight

Before rushing over to catch our screening of World War Z in SM Masinag, we grabbed a very late and very quick dinner at my personal fast food favourite: Sbarro. Again??? Well, if you knew how awesome their food is, you wouldn't wonder why. In Sbarro, you just can't go wrong with a deep dish pizza.

Stuffed Pizza: Chicago White, P179.00
White sauce on white pizza! While I have always loved this, its quality seemed under par this time. It's' a lot thinner than it used to be. It was also slightly cold and the store was almost closing. Too bad. Nevertheless, I still consider it to be great pizza. Mozzarella, pepperoni, ham, ricotta and a tiny bit of pineapples all melded into the delicious, creamy stuffing. For added zing, you can sprinkle chili flakes or even herbs on it.

New York Style Pizza: White, P99.00 (with drink, P89 if solo)
Don't let this humble slice of pizza fool you. It's even better than the deep dish. Big, light, and with a strong cream cheese flavor, this slice of pizza is my favorite of their non-deep dishes and is extremely addictive. An amazing meal for 89 pesos.

What pained us is right after buying, they put up a buy 1 take 1 sign for the pizza. WTF!

Oh well.. Sbarro also now has their great garlic bread for sale.


6 pieces of bread for 80 bucks. Not bad at all!

Stuffed Pizza: Chicago White: Great! (usually Excellent!)
New York Style Pizza: White: Excellent!

It was great feat that I convinced Alvie to go for an all-white dinner since she gets tired of cream easily. AND we both enjoyed it! She's finally understanding what makes Sbarro great! She wasn't a fan of Sbarro but I am slowly and steadily bringing her over to the light. Haha! I am unable to accept that anyone wouldn't love their deep dish pizza and baked ziti.

Always a favourite.
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Our first Sbarro visit:
Sbarro: Rolling in the Deep Dish

Upper Ground Flr, SM Masinag,
Marcos Highway, Antipolo City
(02) 655-2904
Operating Hours: 10:00 am - 9:00 pm
Facebook: Sbarro Philippines

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  1. I'm hyper acidic so i can't eat dishes heavy on tomato so the Stuffed White Pizza is perfect for me! Definitely my favorite pizza of Sbarro's!

    1. Hey, Richie! Aww man that's tough. It's cool you can still enjoy the stuffed white pizza! It's definitely up there as one of the best for me. :) Looking forward to your next pickiest posts!