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Movie Review: The Lone Ranger

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After a great and filling day of Yabu and Saisaki on my mom's birthday, we went for our second favourite pastime, movies! I'm definitely a fan of Johnny Depp, but this movie's trailer didn't look too interesting, even apart from the strange fact that he's playing a native american.

This film is a remake of the legendary icon in American history, the Lone Ranger and his trusted partner, Tonto. Potentially a great story but I guess this movie is proof that Johnny Depp playing an interesting, eccentric character in a Disney adventure setting isn't always a recipe for success.

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I have mixed emotions on his portrayal of Tonto, the Lone Ranger's American Indian friend. He was very entertaining and funny in the role, an aspect of acting he has certainly mastered. Well, he was the most interesting character in the movie by far. The movie would have made more sense if it was named Tonto. It's weird whenever Tonto referred to his friend as a white man, when his skin is obviously just as white. Did they think changing Depp's skin color would be going too far? Why not just find a real native american instead and have Depp play the Lone Ranger? I guess it's just Johnny's way of accepting an acting challenge and saying hey, I can play anyone. He can indeed but the problem was he was the only good thing about this movie.

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The plot was badly strewn in this film. I wasn't too sleepy to begin with, but I actually fell asleep during this movie. Twice. That rarely ever happens to me. It's unnecessarily long (I normally have no problem with lengthy movies) and does not tell the story in an interesting way at all. There is no chemistry between characters and the supposed main character was quite boring. I think Armie Hammer did a good job of portraying the role, but the role was bad to begin with.

It slightly gets more interesting toward the end but it doesn't nearly make up for the whole movie.

Other Notable Cast:
William Fichtner as Butch Cavendish - Ever the supporting actor, now playing the main villain.
Helena Bonham Carter as Red Harrington - Helena and Johnny Depp in one movie? You don't say??
James Badge Dale as Dan Reid - He was also in Iron Man 3 and World War Z. Busy busy, aren't we?

Verdict: 2/5 - I wouldn't say it is worth watching even for Johnny Depp's good acting and comedy. Please just make a Pirates sequel next! Haha.

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Here's the trailer!

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