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Mann Hann: Dynasty Dinners

I did a bit of research about the name of Mann Hann and came across this amusing backstory on their weird site:

Mann Hann was  derived from an ancient Chinese legend that the owners  love to tell their children.  The romance involved Mann or Manchurian and a descendant from an old Han Dynasty and how the emperor's opulence showed when entertaining foreign dignitaries by ordering “Mann Hann” Menu which consist of 200 delectable varieties.  These feasts usually took them weeks to consume.  Nobody knows for sure how the story ended but somehow synonymous with authentic Chinese Cuisine.

What a heritage, huh? Haha.

Alvie and I met up with her relatives at Robinsons Magnolia for dinner and we ended up at one of the classic Chinese restaurants, Mann Hann. The great thing about eating with a huge group is you get to try A LOT.

mann hann
Sweet & Sour Pork, P260.00
Within the realm of sweet and sour Chinese food, I usually prefer lemon chicken but no one else likes it (I'm so alone :( Haha). Their version of the other usual favourite is pretty good! It was more sweet than sour and that's exactly the way (uh-huh uh-huh) I like it. I actually don't recall having a version that is better than this. The dish is better here than in Chowking (lol), North Park and Gloria Maris of SM North (Alvie insists Greenhills' Gloria Maris is much better though).

mann hann
Fried Squid, P270.00
Their salt and pepper squid was good, and even better after I tried it with a dab of fish bagoong. That flavor and crunch just hits the spot. Not the best salt-and-pepper-ish squid I've had though, I prefer the one in North Park.

mann hann
Beef Broccoli Flower, P275.00
I've never been a huge fan of beef with broccoli but paired with good fried rice and with some spice on the side, any dish can turn out to be much better. This dish has soft meat, good ingredients and decent flavor. I guess I just find the beef with broccoli to be boring in general.

mann hann
Okiam Chicken, P240.00
I can't quite put my finger on what this tastes like. It's fried and is a little curry-ish? It isn't very flavorful though. I prefer the classic dishes much more.

mann hann
Yang Chow Fried Rice, P280.00
What are all these dishes without some good fried rice? A no-rice diet or even plain rice just won't cut it for your standard Chinese dinner. This fried rice is pretty regular as far as good fried rice goes. An ever reliable choice.

mann hann
Cha Bihon, P265.00
I wouldn't be the right person to talk about bihon, because except when I drown it in chili, I find it bland and lifeless 95% of the time. Haha. This and Sotanghon are my least favorites of all noodles, but I had some and it is as I expected. Not bad, but not my cup 'o noodles.

mann hann
Service Tea, P0.00
Things getting too oily for ya? You can easily ask for some free tea to go with your meal. I always just prefer cold water, though.

mann hann
Chilled Taho, P45.00
The chilled taho was good and isn't too expensive (for a restaurant) but it isn't too genuine as far as the soy goes. It was very gelatinous, even keeping the shape of whatever container it came from. Nonetheless, it was a light and refreshing dessert.

mann hann
Nice, classy ambience.
Sweet & Sour Pork: Very Good
Fried Squid: Good
Beef Broccoli Flower: Good
Okiam Chicken: Okay
Yang Chow Fried Rice: Good
Cha Bihon: Okay
Service Tea: Okay
Chilled Taho: Good

Mann Hann lives true to its name of carrying good classic Chinese dishes. Well, I don't think this is what the Dynasty Warriors were eating, but it's been around since my childhood so it's classic enough for me!

A delighted dynasty.
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3/F Robinsons Magnolia,
Aurora Blvd cor. Doña M. Hemady,
Valencia, Quezon City
(02) 442-6431
Operating Hours:
Sun - Thu: 10:00 am - 9:00 pm
Fri - Sat: 10:00 am - 10:00 pm
Facebook: Mann Hann Restaurant

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