Monday, July 29, 2013

A Taal Tale: Café Breton

About 3 weeks ago, Alvie and I set off on an adventure with a couple of office mates to do something new: trek up Taal right to its crater! Unfortunately, Alvie did not feel well enough to do just that, but we went for it anyway. She just took a couple of books with her so while we were garnering thorn scratches and exhaustion,  she'd go on a literary adventure of her own.

We were looking for a tourist-friendly place for breakfast, dropped by Paseo and decided on Café Breton the moment we saw it. Can't go wrong there! My breakfast was a well-balanced one.

cafe breton
Galette Rustique, P200.00
smoked bacon, tomato provencal, mozarella, egg (sunny side-up).
Galettes are buckwheat crepes. Why are the wheat versions of everything much better?? Brown Rice > White Rice. Wheat Bread > White Bread. Bran Flakes > Corn Flakes. Whole Wheat Spaghetti.. hmm.. well maybe not everything. I really like galettes though. They're like crepes that have more texture and substance. Everything on it was great too. The tomatoes were sweet and tasty and the rest were good too. They kind of misled with "bacon" there though. This is ham! Is it Canadian bacon? Haha.

cafe breton
Butter & Sugar, P88.00
Crepes don't get much simpler than this, but interestingly enough, this is one of the most reliably delicious crepes they have. Confectioner's sugar and butter go swimmingly with the perfectly textured crepe. Not a bad price at 88 pesos either. Delicious!

Dessert Crepes
Savoury Galettes

Galette Rustique: Good
Butter & Sugar: Very Good

Our guests also really liked the crepes! That galette rustique was a good piece of well-balanced energy for the Taal!

To be continued...
A Taal Tale: The Advineture

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Unit 2&3, Paseo de Sta. Rosa,
Tagaytay Road, Sta. Rosa, Laguna
(02) 687-5971 / (02) 852 6666
Facebook: Craving for Crêpes @ Café Breton

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