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TV Review: How I Met Your Mother Season 8

how i met your mother season 8
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On we go to the eighth season of Ted Mosby (Josh Radnor) very slowly telling his kids how he met their mother.

To think that he needed eight seasons kind of tells you that the writers are dragging this out a bit too long. Even if it was a good story, would any father describe, in incredible detail, all his romantic (and sexual) relationships with dozens of different women? and he decides to censor when it comes to "having a sandwich".

Okay, it doesn't make sense. But HIMYM has a charm to it. It used to be kind of like the Friends of this age but as time progresses, and the quality of the show regresses, that comparison is more and more forgotten.

This season does have its important developments, and a couple of touching scenes, but that is barely enough to keep the show worth watching. What I don't understand is when they took the "main character" spot from lovable old Ted and turned this into the "Barney Stinson" show. While Neil Patrick Harris does a great job in giving life to the larger-than-life character of Barney, it's always much funnier and interesting to see them create stories about how lame Ted is instead of how awesome Barney is.

Ted is the kind of character almost everyone can relate to. The kind-hearted hopeless romantic underdog that you just want to succeed in life and in love. Barney is a part-awesome, part-asshole friend that always does great and cracks funny jokes, but it all gets old pretty quick.

I don't really mind long shows that don't make sense, as long as the show is still fun and interesting. I think they really need to give a more balanced focus on Ted and even Marshall. If focusing on one, go with Ted. If there is anything legendary about this show, it lies in where this show began, the lame yet awesome life of Ted Mosby.

Verdict: 2.5/5 - If it weren't for the few and far between shining moments about Ted, I would have stopped watching long ago. The way things are going, I wish they'd just wrap up this series.

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