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Slappy Cakes: Make Yer Own Pancakes!

slappy cakes
This is going to be fun.
We were going around Eastwood for an enjoyable afternoon (we don't come here enough!) and were looking for a good place to cap the night off with a nice dinner. We had read about Slappy Cakes and immediately decided when we saw the place here. What struck me first is that it's apparently standing on the grave of a place I had wanted to try in the past. I had no idea it's gone now! No, Osonho, NOOOOOOO!!!!

It was a good thing we were at this happy place, because I soon got over it. Bright colors, a fun ambience, and pancake griddles on every table!

slappy cakes
Let's load 'em up!
They also get you well-equipped for the task at hand.

slappy cakes
A worthy arsenal.
A bit of caffeine withdrawal had been kicking in for me, so we ordered a convenient remedy from the menu.

slappy cakes
Overflowing Coffee, P125.00
This coffee is as standard as brewed coffee gets. They serve it with good (liquid) cream and as many Splendas as you need. Thank goodness! God knows I'm getting enough sugar tonight. Haha!

Now, it isn't exactly the right time of day, but onto them slappy cakes! You get to choose your batter, which you get a 8 oz. bottle of, and any fixins and toppings you want! They have a couple of recommended combinations, but we strayed from there and went for a very delicious road less traveled.

slappy cakes
Buttermilk Batter, P225.00
Chocolate Chips, P45.00
Bacon, P80.00
Chocolate and bacon. Ain't that beautiful? We didn't order any additional syrup because they already have complimentary plain and Mango syrup. Alvie preferred the safer plain syrup, but I liked Mango because it had more of a kick!

The batter was a lot for both of us, and so were the fixins! I think next time, one topping for one batter would be a better ratio, because our pancakes became really messy due to the abundance of chocolate and bacon. Not that it's necessarily a bad thing... 

The nice Mr. Waiter dude explained the process and even gave us a tutorial. I guess they didn't trust us to harmlessly make pancakes. Haha.

I'm not sure we listened very attentively because our own attempts weren't nearly as neat.
Check out these fun Vine videos of our messy misadventures:

With the batter, we got to make about 7 or 8 pancakes, so we were actually quite full at the end of it. We got to play around with several designs, too.

slappy cakes
We got our new Facebook page profile picture out of it!
slappy cakes
This brown heart is literally bursting with melted chocolate.
Do you want to know the best part about having too much bacon and chocolate? Inside our pancakes we found an excess of: Chocolate. Bacon. Sisig.

slappy cakes
This was as delicious as it looks and as decadent as it sounds.
We underestimated how stuffed we'd be after the pancakes and had another order that night. Well, at least we got to take a rest from all the pancake-making. :)

slappy cakes
Chicken Tocino Tociyes, P250.00
Pork or chicken, yes or no?
Slappy Cakes is a franchise from the US, but they also have a line of Filipino breakfasts ready to handle any craving. The eggs weren't salty, which I liked. The salsa was alright, and so was the chicken tocino. The rice was very garlicky flavorful, but had the texture of old rice. Overall, it was good but for the price, I am definitely going for pancakes instead next time, since the portion is much bigger.

Overflowing Coffee: Okay
Buttermilk, Chocolate Chips, Bacon pancakes: Good (Chocolate Bacon Sisig: Great!)
Chicken Tocino Tociyes: Good

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We ordered much more than we should have, but we had a great time! As you will see on the menu, they have a wide variety for the pancakes so I can't wait to go back and try the rest. I'm eyeing Whole Grain batter with Salted Duck Egg for next time (You read that right!).

Move over, Pancake House and IHOP! You know who's the best new pancake maker in town? ME! And I can do all my handiwork at Slappy Cakes!

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G/F Eastwood Mall Open Park, Quezon City
(02) 909-3501
Operating Hours: 7:00 am - 12:00 mn
Facebook: Slappy Cakes Philippines

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