Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Red Garlic Bistro: Trotting the Globe, Clove by Clove

Yet another new restaurant in the Fort, and yet another Color + Ingredient name combination! It's getting pretty easy to come up with your own restaurant name. Haha. Red Garlic Bistro seems to have all kinds of cuisine, so let's see how well they pull it off! Being the cheapska-.. I mean, budget-conscious people we are, Alvie, our friends and I used an Ensogo voucher to try this place out.

red garlic bistro
I always confuse this with the nearby Mad for Garlic, which I have yet to try.
Alvie and I arrived late. Food was already on the table, but our friends thoughtfully waited for us so we can blog about it. Thanks, fellas! Our set menu for 6 started us off with a semi-local, semi-Vietnamese inspired salad.

red garlic bistro
Hanoi Pomelo Salad with Crispy Adobo Flakes (Family) , P355.00
A twist of fresh pomelo in a salad with crispy adobo floss, cooked shrimp in our very own Saigon Sweet Chili Sauce.
This was flavorful and interesting with the pomelo, shrimp and delicious sauce. I will not likely order it again for the regular price, though, because I am not too much of a salad fan. From South East Asia, we fly to Mexico!

red garlic bistro
Baja Mexicali Taco Pizza, P359.00
Our very own version of taco pizza.
This is a good marriage of two of my favourite types of food: Mexican and pizza! Despite being thin-crust pizza, It was actually good and did taste very Mexican. There was enough for us to have 2 small slices each. Not bad. Next up, we go for something from Great Britain.

red garlic bistro
Fisherman's Catch (Fish & Chips), P339.00
Hand beer-battered fried crisp cream fish fillet with our very own Peppermill Dressing served with Country Potato Wedges.
Though we had some logistic problems dividing these five fingers by six, there was a good quantity to this dish. The fish was tender and crispy, though not very flavorful. The Peppermill Dressing wasn't very thick and was bland, but was still good to pour on the fish. The fries were alright. The last stop is the land of the rising sun.

red garlic bistro
Rock & Roll, P365.00
Tempura rock shrimp, shredded Iceberg lettuce and ripe mangoes.
This was decent sushi, and unsurprisingly was good! Crunchy, sweet, delicious.

red garlic bistro
Raspberry Lime House Blend Iced Tea (Carafe), P350.00
The meal came with some delicious raspberry iced tea for cuisine hopping, too. As I write this, I notice something fishy with the total of the items' values.

red garlic bistro
Taken from Ensogo voucher's page.
P2,198.00 value, huh? When I add everything up, it's only P1,758.00. What's up with that? That's a full 440 peso discrepancy, enough for a big order of something else we could have enjoyed. Not cool, Ensogo. Not cool.

Hanoi Pomelo Salad with Crispy Adobo Flakes: Good
Baja Mexicali Pizza: Good
Fisherman's Catch (Fish & Chips): Okay
Rock & Roll: Good
Raspberry Lime House Blend Iced Tea: Good

The food was mostly okay. Nothing too impressive, or perhaps we just did not know what to order. Oh wait, we didn't pick, Ensogo did. This restaurant still has a LOT of food to try, so I'm still looking forward to the next visit. One lesson learned is that I would think twice before trusting an Ensogo deal's actual value again.

Let's not end on a sour note. Have you ever thought about starting your own hip, posh restaurant like Red Garlic, Red Mango, Green Tomato, or PinkBerry? I have taken the liberty of helping you give it a catchy  name! Use your birthday on the Savvy About Nothing Color + Ingredient Restaurant Name Creator!

Month -> Color Date -> Ingredient    Date -> Ingredient    Date -> Ingredient   
January Grey 1 Banana 13 Broccoli 25 Honey
February Green 2 Potato 14 Bread 26 Mushroom
March Brown 3 Pickle 15 Ham 27 Olive
April Golden 4 Nut 16 Onion 28 Pineapple
May Purple 5 Cream 17 Egg 29 Milk
June Yellow 6 Fish 18 Butter 30 Raisin
July Pink 7 Wheat 19 Bacon 31 Jelly
August White 8 Orange 20 Bean
September Black 9 Carrot 21 Pasta
October Blue 10 Cheese 22 Cabbage
November Red 11 Corn 23 Chocolate
December Orange 12 Sugar 24 Sausage
Alvie's is Blue Broccoli. Sounds fancy! Mine's Orange Olive. It also sounds like a hipster band. Haha. Whichever way I go with it, I'm sure it'd be a smashing success! What's yours? :)

Love Red Garlic Bistro? Hate it? Let me know by commenting below, or just tweet me!

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Two Parkade, 30th St. cor. 7th Ave.,
Bonifacio Global City, Taguig City
(02) 856-2822
Operating Hours:
Mon - Thu: 11:00 am - 12:00 am
Fri - Sat: 11:00 am - 1:00 am
Sun: 11:00 am - 12:00 am
Facebook: Red Garlic Bistro

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  1. Hey! RED in Red Garlic actually stands for Read, Eat and Drink and not the color. :P
    For a much better deal that's worth your money, check this out:

    1. Haha the red color scheme could have fooled me! Thanks! :)

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