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Movie Review: The Bourne Legacy

the bourne legacy
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There was never just one.

This events of this film occur at the same time period as The Bourne Ultimatum. Aaron Cross, played by Jeremy Renner, is an agent that goes on the run due to circumstances that arose due to Jason Bourne's actions.

I was never really a fan of the Bourne movies, but I think I like this one even less. Not because of the new main character, I think I like this new guy just as much, but because the plot just seemed simultaneously too confusing and too simplistic. There were a lot of boring parts, and it ends just when things were getting interesting. I was expecting the movie to finally pick up and then was just like "What? That was it?".

The movie only became worth watching for me because of two things:
1.) As everyone knows, part of the movie is set right here in the Philippines. It was all over the news when they were here. Between that and Jason Bourne's arnis skills, this series has a substantial Filipino influence.
2.) Rachel Weisz. I am pretty sure she is the prettiest actress to ever grace the screen for this series and despite being older than she was in The Mummy, she remains to be equally or even more beautiful now.

Hand in hand, those two things make this movie just worth watching. I wonder what other fourth movies could do with coming over for a Manila visit? Transformers IV, anyone?

Other Notable Cast:
Edward Norton as Eric Byer

Verdict: 3/5 - Not really a good movie, but it is fun to see the action on the streets of Manila.

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