Sunday, June 16, 2013

Infinitea: Changing Up the Milk Tea Scene

Pining for some good flavored drinks, we dropped by Infinitea to give it a shot.

Nothing like a cold drink on a sunny day.
While waiting for our drinks, we appreciated the fun, modern interior, which also had posters of Infinitea's many new products.

Looks like a fun hangout.
As it turns out, they even have acoustic nights here at the branch along Marcos Highway. It looks like they are expanding their appeal! Speaking of which..

Let me get this straight: the first drink is a mix of hot coffee and cold coffee? #Genius
Infinitea now serves alcoholic drinks? As someone who prefers alcohol without much of an alcohol taste, these drinks look really appealing to me. They are slightly pricier, at about 150 to 170 pesos I think, and are only available starting 7 pm (I would have tried one, otherwise). I bet it would be fun to sip on one of these if I were to be around for their acoustic nights. :)

Sleek buzzer!
A few minutes later, the buzzer began a-buzzin'. A very sleek-looking one, too! Here are the non-alcoholic drinks we ended up with:

Green Apple Fruit Tea (Large, Yogurt Slush), P75.00 and
Taro Red Bean Crunch Slush, P105.00 
The Green Apple Fruit Tea was alright. The slush had a good consistency which didn't have too much ice, but had enough that you have to drink it more slowly, which is something I don't mind at all. We did not taste any yogurt though, so might not opt to add the 15 pesos for it next time.

The Taro Red Bean Crunch was surprisingly good! It was a nice creamy slush with red beans at the bottom, and bits of crunchy sweet crumbles, quite like toffee or peanut brittle were blended in all throughout the drink. It was blended well, because there was a little crunch in every sip. This was a new product in a line of crunch drinks. A nifty innovation!

Green Apple Fruit Tea with Yogurt Slush: Okay
Taro Red Bean Crunch Slush: Great!

Aliw sa buzzer. Haha.
Infinitea sets itself apart from the more popular milk tea chains in the sheer varie-tea(?) of its selection. They have so many kinds of milk tea, fruit tea, slushes, soda pops, and now are even venturing in to the realm of alcoholic drinks! They are creating a fun place to sit, have drinks, and even enjoy live music (this branch has acoustic nights), something unheard of from usual establishments like this. It also does not hurt that it is generally cheaper than most of the others! I look forward to trying all their drinks, although it seems its going to take me years to do so. :)

Infinitea, Puritea, Serenitea... I think we need some originalitea.

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FMC Bldg., 75 Marcos Hi-Way, Antipolo City
(in front of AMA Computer College)
Facebook: Infinitea

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  1. Readymade strawberry margarita with ice is really good and don't have much alcohol taste to them at all. I like that or Smirnoff Ice/Triple Black/Twisted.