Sunday, May 5, 2013

Why I Switched to Shell (Until June)

shell coca-cola
A great product at great timing.
I never really liked getting gas at Shell. Why? I do track my mileage and I don't see much difference among Shell, Petron, and Caltex. Why, then?
- Shell usually has more customers and I have no patience for waiting in queue before getting my gas. In Petron, I usually drop by, gas up and go. I guess Shell can't do much about this. Haha.
- The gas attendants always smother you with questions and offers and all kinds of rehearsed shizz. I find this quite annoying. I literally have to say "no thanks" about ten times per visit! I usually go, "full tank, fuelsave." "not VPower, fuelsave" "no, thanks." "no, thanks." "no, thanks." "no, thanks." I appreciate that they care about your car and offer service, but please, if I wanted to know about all your offers about credit cards and Ferrari toy cars, I'd ask. I know it's not the gas attendants' fault, they're likely trained to do so. Please, Shell, I like you. Please stop making your employees smother your customers with all the deals and offers. The big signs and billboards are enough. :)

However, Shell's partnership with Coca-cola is genius. I love Coke. Too much. I spend half my life controlling my intake of the stuff. Aside from the oil deals (I don't pay attention to those), you get a free 1.5L bottle of coke for every P1,500 of VPower Nitro+ or P2,000 of Fuel Save. I don't really use VPower because I don't think my old Exalta can make much use of it. My full tank of Fuel Save doesn't usually get to P2,000 but you can accumulate receipts from the same station (I learned that the hard way).

Knock on wood!
All things said, this Coke deal is enough for me to make that switch at least until June 30, when the promo ends. It's not a big rebate or anything, but small perks like that are much appreciated. The Coke they give isn't cold, so maybe in the future it can be a cold can of Coke, instead? Or anything that a driver can enjoy on the spot. :)

I hope it's a precursor to a new form of competition between the gas stations. Your move, Petron!


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