Monday, May 13, 2013

Nestlé Temptations: Flavors of the World: French Salted Caramel

Reviewing ice cream is tricky because it is my favourite dessert. I'd just as soon give everything a "Great" rating and be on my way, but let's try to take a closer look.

Nothing like some ice cream to end your day.
Nestlé Temptations' Flavors of the World series is a very cool (pun intended) concept where they feature a flavor for each country. So far, there is also Italian Coffee Affogato and Belgian Chocolate Praline. From France, we get to taste French Salted Caramel.

Salted anything seems to be hot right now, from chocolate to popcorn to gelato. Salt effectively enhances the sweetness of whatever it's added to, and I like it. Now, this isn't a bad version of salted caramel, but it's far from the best. Rather than having a genuine salted caramel taste, this feels more like plain caramel with some added salt. This however, does exceed my expectations for Nestlé ice cream, which I usually do not like overmuch (I'm more of a Selecta guy, myself).

Verdict: Good - If you like Salted Caramel and are hankering for some ice cream, this version of it is one that is reliably good.

I hope they come up with more interesting countries and flavors. Japanese Wasabi, please?!?

Have you tried the other Flavors of the World? Let me know by commenting below, or just tweet me!

- Joaquin


  1. Yes ice cream! Look it up online. I get it here in Salcedo Village in a building lobby. Literally buying it off the guard, they have a freezer in the lobby haha :)