Sunday, May 5, 2013

Jobs I Want to Try

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We have heard many times in our lives that we can be "anything we want to be". I believe this is mostly true. No matter where we come from or what our disposition is, it is our choices that define us. Whatever the odds, if we put our hearts, and passion to it, chances are the indelible human spirit will rise above all.

However, is it possible to be "everything you want to be"? Well, that depends on what you do want to get out of life. If you are content with everything you are and everything you can attain, then yes, it is very possible. Unfortunately for me, I am not like that. For anyone who has a long list of things they'd want to be, the answer is likely no.

Here's my list off the top of my head (I'll be updating this if I come across anything I missed):

Animal Trainer
Astronaut (I haven't even done EK's Space Shuttle so this is doubtful!)
Cosplayer (Batman, Darth Vader, Iron Man, Joker, Spider-Man)
Deep Sea Diver
Doctor (This'll take some time to pursue)
Farmer (like Harvest Moon!)
Father (eventually, so please don't tease me!)
Food Critic (this blog is one outlet. Haha)
Marksman (for a Walking Dead scenario, mostly)
Martial Arts Expert
Police Officer
Professional Gamer (I won't give up on this!)
Professional Wrestler
Restaurant Owner
Singer (my attempts here)
Stocks Investor
Videogame Tester

I know, a very strange collection of occupations. Am I an immature 27-year old? Very. Nonetheless, I am trying to figure out life as best I can. I know that will likely not be able to be everything I want to be, but I figure that at the end of my days, I'd be happy knowing I tried.

Where does one begin? I guess it really starts with valuing your time. Prioritizing on more productive endeavors. I have heavily lessened my videogame hours and put more time into other things, like starting this blog, exercising, and occasionally practicing my music. I will never be the best writer, athlete or musician, but I'm damn sure I am closer than where I would have been had I not valued my time.

Value yours. Why not make a list of your own and move towards your goals, step by small step?

Do not what your current self wants. Do what your future self would have wanted you to do. ;)


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