Wednesday, April 3, 2013

The Script Concert: #3 World Tour

the script
Dishing out one of their many break-up anthems.
The Script has released their third album, the aptly named #3. Though the new singles associated with this album have not garnered as much fame as the more classic songs, it did pave the way towards the new #3 World Tour which includes a stop right here at the Araneta Center (I still prefer calling it that).

The monitors offer a much needed closer look at the band.
Alvie, her aunt, and I were able to grab some last minute tickets to the show a few hours before the event. After I took the rare chance to grab some Taco Bell grub, we took our seats. They were at the back of the section, but at a nice enjoyable angle to the event, since we were a bit to the side-rear of the stage with a good view of the band and the monitor. Well, as good as the view gets for Upper A. Check out the videos we took below!

A few seconds before the band came on.
The show started at a semi-reasonable 45 minutes late with no front acts. They actually only played a few songs from the new album. Being more of a fan of the first two, this was good news for me! The set list was:
1.) Good Ol' Days
2.) We Cry
3.) Breakeven (video below)
4.) Science & Faith
5.) The Man Who Can't Be Moved  - Started out with a cool A Capella moment between the band and the audience. (video below)
6.) If You Could See Me Now
7.) Before The Worst
8.) Talk You Down
9.) Nothing (video below)
10.) I'm Yours - It was a nice acoustic performance.
11.) Six Degrees Of Separation
12.) For The First Time
13.) You Won't Feel A Thing
14.) Hall Of Fame (video of the end below)
15.) Good Ol' Days - Yes, again. I do not know if this was an artistic decision or they had their playlist on repeat. Haha.

With 14 songs and a repeat, this wasn't one of the longer concerts I've been too. However, their performances were all great to watch and sing along to. It was a very cool experience to hear all the older songs I love being played live for the first time (pun not intended). This was also a very memorable event for Alvie, being the first concert she's been to! :)

- Joaquin


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