Monday, April 8, 2013

Sugar Bites: Sweetening Up Sucat

One hot afternoon, my mom noticed that the five of us in our family were all home for the day. Surprised at the rare occurrence, we planned to finally have dinner out and check out this place we have been meaning to visit for months! Alvie wasn't around though so I'd like to apologize in advance for the pictures. :( Haha!

A warm refuge along the road.
We were welcomed by a bright, still pleasantly Christmas-y venue. Already starving by the time we got there, we began ordering as soon as we could. It wasn't easy though, because their menu is quite extensive with many types of meals. They have pasta, burgers, western food, Chinese food, and obviously, dessert. To make things easier, we ended up ordering mostly short orders and shared everything.

Baked Macaroni, P130.00
We started off with an appetizer, a small bowl of baked macaroni. As it is just an appetizer, it will not be enough for a full meal, but it could easily be a delicious snack. I had to take two pictures because going by just the first one alone, it could be doubtful that there is any pasta under there at all! This is good, because as I say, there is no such thing as too much cheese, right? This was nice, moist, and flavorful.

Seafood Canton, P220.00
Don't let the lack of more vibrant colors mislead you, we loved this dish. In actuality, I am not a fan of pancit, and as far as pancit goes, canton ranks one of the lowest for me (I only like the instant kind) so this is saying something! I always find any pancit canton bland but this Seafood Canton begs to differ. I liked the texture of the noodles, and there was no lack in the ingredients and the strong seafood taste that they provided. We were tempted to order one more before the night was through, but we had other dishes to eat. :)

Supreme Fried Chicken (sauce not in picture), P330.00
This Chinese-style fried chicken, isn't really the type of cooking we are fond of but it was not bad. The serving was quite big and I liked that even the white meat was very tender.

Sugar Bites Fried Rice, P240.00
Craving for some good fried rice to go with our meal, I ordered this. It wasn't overly flavorful, but it was good, nonetheless. I enjoyed the variety with the chicken and broccoli that came with it.

Tofu Steak, P210.00
One of our favorites of the night, we finished off the Tofu Steak quite easily. It had the usual tofu steak flavor with lots of meat, but what really struck me was the lovely texture of the tofu. Delicately crispy on the outside and silky soft on the inside, it was such a pleasure biting in to each piece. Its texture heavily reminded me of the similarly shaped tofu discs from Saisaki that I also love (I do not know the actual name, do you?).

Iced Macchiato Caramel, P95.00
Wanting some cold coffee to go with my meal, I ordered the first interesting drink I saw on the menu. I found this to be fairly priced and very delicious. It had the proper balance of bitterness, sweetness, and creaminess.  The others had a try and liked it too.

Unfortunately too full for dessert, we just took out some bread instead. They have a good selection of pastries available on display. We took home some Mongo Bread (P50), Mongo Loaf Bread (P55), and Bavarian Bread (P50). They all had good texture, but my favorite was the Bavarian Bread which wasn't too sweet and had a light Bavarian cream filling. :)

Also try their most popular pastry, their creamy and cheesy Ensaymada.
It was a fun, simple, family supper at a fun, simple place! It certainly looks like a comfortable place to hang out every once in a while. :) We do not venture out around this area much, but we look forward to our next visit here at Sugar Bites.

- Joaquin

Family pictures courtesy of my mom. :)

Dr A Santos Ave
San Dionisio, ParaƱaque City
(02) 828-8332
Operating Hours: 9:00 am - 11:00 pm
Facebook: Sugarbites

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Full disclosure: Sugarbites is owned by Alvie's relatives. We paid for our meals. I wrote this blog post, and it expresses our opinion.


  1. Nice. Ang lapit ko lang diyan di pa ko napupunta :)) I heard ensaymada is one of their specialties. Dapat masubukan na.

    1. Haha cool! How convenient. Hope you enjoy your visit too!