Sunday, April 28, 2013

S&R: My Favourite Pizza

My top three favourite types of food, in order, are: Sashimi/Sushi, Steak, and PIZZA. The best around for me is the huge 18" New York-style pizza S&R serves.

s&r membership shopping
This cheese pizza alone beats 99% of all other kinds out there.
Chances are you've seen these big warehouse-type branches around Metro Manila. The great fast food they serve here isn't very easily accessible, because you need to be a member to enter and purchase anything they have to offer. You'll need to be with a cardholder, or become one yourself. Membership costs 750 pesos a year, but luckily for me, my dad and Alvie are both members (Mwahaha).

s&r membership shopping
Bottomless Drink, P45.00
A very reasonable 45 pesos gets you unlimited access to any drink from their vending machines. Different Coca-Cola sodas and juices are available. When I was younger, I used to mix them all into one incorrigible sugary mess. I don't recommend this, but if you're curious, go ahead! Haha. During our recent visits, they didn't seem to have their mixes right and some sodas were very fizzless (Did I just invent a word?). I recommend taking a sip and making sure the soda is good before filling up your huge cup with it.

s&r membership shopping
Chicken Caesar Salad, P169.00
You must be either clinically insane or extremely disciplined to order salad in the midst of all the luscious pizza around, but if you do, you'll find it's actually quite good! It has chicken, cheese, cherry tomatoes and very tasty Caesar dressing. It's a good, light meal, but one that is almost impossible for me to choose at 169 pesos when an order of pizza goes for 99. Haha.

s&r membership shopping
Cheese Pizza, P499.00 for a whole or P89.00 for a slice (1/6 of the pizza)
Alvie was going to take another picture, but I could no longer keep my shaking hands from grabbing a slice. Hands down, this is the best pizza for me. The crust is perfect and the cheese is pleasantly sweet and gloriously gooey. I enjoy having this with hot sauce, or when I'm feeling particularly self-destructive, lots of mayonnaise (they go really well together).

Other great flavors I recommend are the Garlic Shrimp and the rare BBQ Chicken variants. Calzones, which are kind of like pizza sandwiches are also available and equally delicious. The thing about their pizza, though, is that it isn't good cold. It must be the cheese because even out at room temperature, once cool, the pizza becomes very rubbery, so if ever you take some home, remember to serve it warm. :)

Bottomless Drink: Good - excellent value for money, but the drink quality is very unpredictable.
Chicken Caesar Salad: Great
Cheese Pizza: Excellent

S&R also has great beef/chicken baked rolls, roast chicken, hotdog sandwiches, and burgers. No matter how often I eat here though, I never order them because I could never resist the call of the pizza and calzones. They are that crazy good. We love the food here so much that we often forget S&R also has a grocery!

Love S&R food? Hate it? Let me know by commenting below, or just tweet me!

- Joaquin

32nd St., 5th Ave.
Bonifacio Global City, Taguig City
(02) 888-0640
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  1. S & R Pizza is my favorite as well.There is actually (just) a S & R dining outlet that sells its pizza, burgers and selected other foods in PureGold Cubao. This branch does not require being an S & R member (even for the day) to purchase its food. My favorites are plain cheese and the vegetable slices.

    1. Hi Cel! Wow that's the first I've heard of that dining outlet! Thanks for sharing. :)

      You have great taste in pizza! :P Cheese and Garlic Shrimp are my favourites.

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