Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Movie Review: G.I. Joe: Retaliation

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I think it's fair to say I enjoyed the first movie, G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra, so when I saw that for this movie, they pulled in both The Rock and Bruce Willis seemingly out of thin air, I started looking forward to it. Unfortunately, the sequel only turned out to be a slight improvement.

The first quarter of the movie was quite boring, despite the action scenes. There were much better parts, but I feel there just isn't as much action and scale as the first movie had. Hence, despite better characters this time around, I was left hoping for more.

The Rock was a good addition to the cast, being much more interesting than Channing Tatum, at the very least. Bruce Willis added a great quality to the scenes, too, but I wish he had played a bigger part in the film. I also want to note that this movie did not make up for its current lack of Sienna Miller, in my opinion. This movie did not have a cool female character to watch out for.

Other notable cast:
Ray Stevenson as Firefly - He played Isaak Sirko in the last season of everybody's favorite serial killer show, Dexter.
RZA as Blind Master - The very Asian-influenced actor/rapper from Tarantino's The Man with the Iron Fists.
Arnold Vosloo as Zartan - I just can't take this guy seriously in any role other than The Mummy's famous Imhotep!

Verdict: 3/5 - Worth the watch, but do not expect much. This will be enjoyed if you are a fan of The Rock or a non-picky fan of action in general.

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