Sunday, April 14, 2013

In Memory of Hana Chan

April 14th will always be remembered as our dearly departed Shih Tzu, Hana Chan's birthday. She passed away near the start of this year and is missed by us at home ever since. I'd like to take the time to be a bit more sentimental today and share this message I wrote for her when I realized she was gone.

Hana leaving the groomer.
After 10 years, it is strange coming home to a house without you in it, Hana. It is hard to imagine, let alone accept that you have gone. I have always known your time would come in the next couple of years, but I never expected it to be this soon. There is so much to say. You did not lead the best of dog lives. I can only console myself by thinking that hopefully, all the good in your life was worth living for. We almost lost you a couple of years ago and I am glad we got to have you for a bit longer. Thank you for spending this last Christmas with us. Thank you for brightening our lives and spending time with us these past 10 years. I will always cherish the memory of you, since the time we picked you out of the litter, raised you and trained you, to this morning when I just fed you a piece of bread. As you move on to what may or may not come, know that we'll take care of your sister, Hershey and your daughter, Riley. I am sure they'll miss you in their own canine way. I love you and we all love you, Hana. You will always have a place in my heart.
- Me , 5th of January, 2013

I'm still not used to having only two dogs in the house. Sadly, it will not remain to be that way forever too, but whatever comes to pass, this is always a day that you will be remembered. 

- Joaquin


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