Thursday, April 11, 2013

App Review: WWE Presents: Rockpocalypse

Want to go one-on-one AS the great one? There's an app for that!

wwe rockpocalypse
What in the blue hell is this about?
WWE Presents: Rockpocalypse is an Infinity Blade-type hack-and-slash game for Android and iOS. The concept alone is gold, but unfortunately, it's difficult to smell what The Rock is cookin' this time around because the game isn't very well-made. It's basically just going through battle after battle against roody-poo candy-asses while leveling up and improving your equipment. I would have really enjoyed this, but the action is draggy and the animation is far from fluid.

wwe rockpocalypse
Know your role and shut your mouth, jabroni.
Verdict: 2/5. 3/5 if you are one of the millions and millions of The Rock's fans.

While getting to play as the Brahma Bull to "layeth the smacketh down" is a lot of fun and the limited voice-overs are amusing to hear, it gets old after a while due to lack of story or variety. I still play this app once in a while, but I fear it is just a matter of time before I ultimately give up on it. It's not important though, because as the People's Champ would say, IT DOESN'T MATTER what I think!

- If ya smell what the Joaq is cookin'!

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